Thursday, July 10, 2014

Digital Native?

I do not think of myself as a digital native. When I was in college, email was just beginning to become a thing, and I didn’t use it until a couple of years after I finished my undergraduate degree. I would call myself a happy immigrant, still trying to figure my new language. My social language is great! I can email, go on the Internet, etc. But my academic language needs a lot of work. I still need to figure out how to utilize technology for academic purposes to benefit me, and my students in the classroom. It really hasn’t been until that past 5 or so years that I have found myself reliant on technology. I think the turning point for me was when I spent my own money on a computer. It was really expensive, so I wanted to figure out how to get my money’s worth.

I have learned more about technology over the past 4 years, I believe, as a result of my students. They motivate me to learn new tools. I need to keep up with them so I have been more willing to access and try to learn about new digital tools. Dr. Bogad said something the first day of class that has resonated with me, "Don't be fooled, technology might make things easier, but it will not save you time." I find this to be true for myself. The more things that I learn, the more time I spend trying to use them properly. 

I need to add, just to be completely honest, that I would still much rather be surfing or hiking, than learning how to use a digital tool.

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